The “Preparing for the SHB” Makes

P1090023 copy
Fabric: Navy ponte knit $8
Pattern: Self-drafted
Notions: bias scraps for shoulders $0
Time to complete: About 2-3 hours
First worn: To work
Wear again? Yep!
Total price: ~$8

This make was kind of a long time WIP. I had cut and started some of the arm/head holes weeks ago but apparently lost the will to finish it. There’s only one seam up the side and then across the shoulders. The right sleeve was a little fiddly to sew because I didn’t have the seam allowances to work with, but I made it work.
P1090027 copyI left this un-waisted so this will hopefully last me through the end of the pregnancy but I am feeling huge already.

P1090029 copy
Fabric: Various scraps of knits and fat quarter wovens on hand ~$5
Pattern: The Perfect Baby Burp Cloths by So Sew Easy $0
Notions: None
Time to complete: About an hour to make the first three, 30 mins for each three after that
First worn: Tested by hubby, but not really used yet!
Wear again? In about 3 months!
Total price: ~$5 for nine so far
P1090030 copy
The solid blue is from the stash of fat quarters I won probably three years ago in a blog giveaway. We’re keeping gender a secret so I’ve only shown the more gender-neutral ones here, but I’ve made nine so far. I used the three-at-a-time method that Deby shows in her video instructions and it’s so quick! We’re not going to talk about how the polka-dots selvage is showing. The other two are worse. But they are for spit-up so I’m not fussed!
P1090045 copy
Fabric: Black cotton sateen $12
Pattern: Washi Dress by Made By Rae
Notions: Clear crystal-like buttons $3, bias for armholes $0
Time to complete: A meticulous 6-8 hours
First worn: Will wear for a wedding next month
Wear again? Indeed!
Total price: $15
P1090046 copy
I have a friend’s wedding to go to in a few weeks and I was worried that my blue dot chiffon dress from last summer won’t cover the rapidly expanding bump. The Washi dress is a bit more accommodating in that area, and having made one a few weeks ago I whipped this one up to be a bit more formal.
P1090043 copy
Obviously I skipped the sleeves – I thought about doing lace but decided not in the end. Instead of doing six pleats in the skirt I’ve done one in the center – which I quite love the look of it draping over the bump. I also obviously altered the bodice to have a button opening. Maybe it’s ridiculous to plan for nursing in a dress made for more formal occasions, but I am nesting and wanting to prepare for any eventuality! You just never know! Plus, I might have two more weddings to attend not long after baby is born (depending how baby likes traveling).
20150411_201745 copy
I forgot to turn around to show off the lovely shirring, but here it is – as well as you can see it in black.


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