Pantone (3rd Month of the Year) Madness

There’s a design blog pitting all of Pantone’s Colors of the Year against each other to find the winner (à la March Madness basketball brackets). They’ve done four match-ups but they’re still on the first round so there’s still time to participate.
It must be how they’ve set up the seeds that I’ve noticed a significant pattern and bias for choosing Color of the Year. Notice how many blue-greens are seeded against a warm pink/red? Blue Iris, Mimosa and Sand Dollar suddenly stand out as being the only variations from this norm.

I didn’t pick up on this earlier when I put up the swatches from the past CotY. But now I can’t stop seeing it. There are always two warm colors in a row, followed by a cool blue/blue-green.
pantone coty sq
Seems odd that they would have fallen into this pattern so quickly, having only done this 16 times. So if we’re totally speculating on the 2016 CotY, I’m calling next year as a light, cool blue-green.


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