Year in Review 2014

Soooo I sort of dropped off the face of the blog Earth last year. I did sew a little but not nearly as much as years previous. I also didn’t purchase a lot of fabric! I bought three things for my birthday, and three double knits that were on sale. And I’ve used all but one of those six fabrics so far!

Here are some things that didn’t make it to the blog this year (most of which weren’t even on my Instagram) These are “quick and dirty” pictures that I took in rapid succession this morning, so hair/face/pose is a little wonky at times.
P1080939 copy size
P1080764 copyFabric: Navy chiffon with white dots $11, opaque navy chiffon under layer $8 on clearance?
Pattern: Great British Sewing Bee Tunic
Year: 2013
Notions: Bias tape for edge finishing
Time to complete: Something like 8 hours
First worn: To a wedding in August
Wear again? Need to fix a bit of the neckline, but yes
Total price: ~$19
Wore this with gold heels and the gold belt seen here to my cousin’s summer wedding. I must have forgotten or blocked out how difficult it was to work with two slippery layers. I literally have no memory of making this dress.

P1080946 copy size
B2775Fabric: Grey and cream houndstooth suiting $2 from an estate sale, grey lining for jacket from stash
Pattern: Butterick 2775
Year: Early 1960s
Notions: Invisible zip $.50, and hook and eye
Time to complete: It took a while, probably 8 hours
First worn: To a work thing at the beginning of October
Wear again? Individually, yes
Total price: ~$2.50
I have learned to find just the right estate sales to go to. The woman who owned this fabric was apparently a seamstress at some point. She had a LOT of sewing things – which I took full advantage of snagging! This fabric held up in the wash even though I’m sure it was labeled “Dry Clean Only” originally.
P1080942 copy size
The pattern is from a different estate sale. I remember I was really lazy in actually getting this sewn up. It was cut out and waiting for me for ages. Some of you may recognize the grey blouse from the Sew Weekly challenge.

P1080937 copy size
2211ExtraLargeFabric: Skulls chiffon $7
Pattern: Simplicity 2211
Year: 2011
Notions: None
Time to complete: No idea…6 hours at most?
First worn: To work the day after I made it
Wear again? Have a few times
Total price: ~$7
I’m pretty sure I finished this in October and wore it twice before Halloween. I made the neck band thingy into a Peter Pan-like collar but sewed it down instead of letting it fly free. It has French Seams and everything inside! (The bit of black at my neck is from the wrong tanktop I’m wearing underneath. I couldn’t find the right one when I took these this morning.)

P1080934 copy size
S2246Fabric: Embroidered Skulls Blue/White Stripe Seersucker $18 (for 1.5 yards) (Other embroidered seersuckers are still available.)
Pattern: Simplicity 2246
Year: 2011
Notions: 13 buttons from stash
Time to complete: Probably 12 hours
First worn: To work the day after I made it!
Wear again? Have several times
Total price: ~$18
Apparently I made this in September. I thought it was farther back than that. Anyway, this is the “tunic” length of the shirt dress pattern. I need to remember to allow myself more room for pattern placing the button placket.

In this pic I’m pairing it with…
P1080935 copy size
2014 Sewing Plan: Project 4
Black textured double knit $7 on clearance?
Pattern: Cake’s Espresso Leggings
Year: 2013
Notions: Elastic from stash
Time to complete: Barely 2 hours
First worn: For pictures
Wear again? Yuppers
Total price: ~$7
Really hard to see them in black, but they are nice leggings. I made a “muslin” of this pattern in left over pink stripe fabric. I wear them as pj’s a lot. I’m glad I FINALLY made them in black like I always intended. I even put a little tab in the waistband so I can tell the back from the front!

I just made these today but I’m counting them here because I’m not likely to be taking more pictures in the near future because…I’m pregnant!
P1080947 copy
Can you even tell it’s a wee baby bump? I’m just over 15 weeks right now. I made all of the above garments with the intent that they would accommodate a preggy belly at least up to a point. With morning sickness hitting me pretty hard I didn’t sew anything during my first trimester. Besides a super quick emergency Christmas tree skirt, the leggings were the first thing since early October.

I have started to not be able to wear my old trousers. There’s only one pair I can still zip. I stopped wearing dresses with a defined waist really early on. And I made a lovely nautical stripe dress this summer! Sadly, I never took pictures wearing it.

So that’s been my world for the last few months. I’ve loved seeing everyone else’s wrap-ups. If you want to keep in touch I’m much more active on Twitter and the aforementioned Instagram.

Happy New Year, all!


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One Response to Year in Review 2014

  1. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! Love the suit you made, i think i have made the blouse before…i recognise the bow !? I love the colours you have used together. 💝

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