Random Sewing: The “Sew Dolly Clackett” Dress

It’s Some Dock Supervisor Down at Pier 34…He Says the Titanic Just Arrived. …Well, Better Late Than Never.
P1080869 copy
Fabric: Boats and waves cotton by Lisette, for Jo-Anns $14
Pattern: Dirndl from Built by Wendy
Year: 2010
Notions: 16″ zipper $1
Time to complete: Less than 6 hours!
First worn: For pictures
Wear again? With some adjustments
Total price: ~$15

I decided right as I got home from work yesterday that I would participate in the #SewDollyClackett sew-along. I had started to see some posts last week and meant to investigate further but of course put it off until the last minute. Technically today is the last day so I hope it still counts.
P1080872 copy
I’ve had this fabric for two years now. I meant to get through it last year but that didn’t happen. I always knew it would be made into this type of dress. I checked out the Built By Wendy book from the library and copied the pattern. I traced a “small” but I could use about an extra inch in the ribs. Luckily I left ample seam allowance with the zip so I can rip that out (which I will because it is inserted terribly!!) and adjust.
P1080868 copy
I wish I had red shoes to go along with this. I think that’s more “Dolly” than my sparkly blue ones. Oh well. C’est La Vie.
[ETA] Here is what the fabric looks like:
lisette fabric


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