Did Y’all See Project Runway?!

(Y’all cuz it was about Southern women)

Anyway, holy crap! I won’t spoil the outcome, but I was excited by their Mood trip this time! I have never seen anyone pull or use a fabric I’d remembered seeing or considered – let alone bought!

But I’m pretty sure Justin’s dress was made out of the exact same fabric I purchased for my “I Made It My Plan” dress! Coral that borders on orange? Drapes super well? YUP!
20130826_082314 copy
Also, Bradon, in a search for plaid, briefly looked at Male Pattern Boldness‘s madras.
Basically right behind them is where I do the bulk of my browsing at Mood. Cotton prints and cotton sateens are just out of sight behind the Mood associate on that same wall (unless they moved everything since May). And based on the Marc Jacobs floral fabrics in the foreground (also used by MPB), they were probably shooting exactly around the last time I was there.

Also, Swatch! He looked pooped, poor puppy!


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2 Responses to Did Y’all See Project Runway?!

  1. Vicki says:

    That’s pretty cool! I was at Mood in August, and also spent a lot of time in that section, and the fabrics were definitely different. I specifically looked for that madras, and it wasn’t there! (or I couldn’t find it….) I took note of some of the extra dramatic fabrics and notions when I was there, and hope to see them in upcoming episodes.

    I watched PR last night and even though I’m not from the south, and only have Florida as a frame of reference, I thought they missed the mark. Did any of them look “Southern Lady” to you?

    • Sully Liz says:

      Yeah, and I think there was some weirdness with the judging this challenge. I think the wrong person went home for sure.
      I guess I also don’t know how Southern (upper to upper middle class obviously) women dress. Or how it’s different from the same class of women elsewhere in the Western World.

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