In Search of the Right Pattern

I wanted to try a “Mr. Right” joke with that title, but it wasn’t working for me.

So I was a little naughty and bought some chambray at Sew to Speak when I was there late August. It was cute, and not as expensive as I expected it to be so it found its way into my hands. It just screams “shirtdress” to me. Not the ’50s full-skirted type, but the slim, modern type (with full- or 3/4-length sleeves).
20130824_213150 copy
ETA: Forgot to include a picture of the fabric! Also, I purchased Rae’s Washi pattern at the same time.
Anyone have a pattern recommendation for me? Extra points if it’s an indie pattern company and/or if it’s available for PDF download cuz then I could make it immediately.

Here are ones I’m considering:
Lisette’s Traveler Dress (Simplicity 2246)

Burda Magazine’s (I’ve never used their patterns. Should I be nervous??)

There are also some vintage ones available…
Are there more shirtdress patterns out there?


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7 Responses to In Search of the Right Pattern

  1. Maryall says:

    The Colette Patterns Hawthorn dress is also a lovely pattern, or the Deer-and-Doe Bleuet dress which I’ve been watching for a while now. Among those you’ve posted, I like both the Lisette dress and the vintage one, I wouldn’t know which one to choose :)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Thanks for pointing me to the Deer-and-Doe pattern. It’s not quite right, but maybe.
      I’m not a huge fan of the Hawthorn pattern, actually. It has a waist seam, if I recall correctly, which is not what I’m picturing for this fabric.

  2. Joanne says:

    The Lisette one is great AND pretty easy; it has a camp collar vs. one with a collar band, which was my only issue with it. I also remember wishing I had lengthened it a bit. That bottom button is kind of high up, if you know what I mean.
    Burda patterns generally fit me really well without a whole lot of excess ease. You do have to add seam allowances, though.
    Those vintage ones are super cute, though!

  3. I have had this one pinned for a while, it isn’t my favorite but it is free.

  4. Zeddie says:

    Vogue 8903 doesn’t have a waist seam. It is identical to Vogue 8028 which is an older pattern. Simplicity 4171 is a vintage looking modern shirtdress. McCalls 5847, Butterick 5315, Simplicity 2403, and Simplicity 1880 all have a classic shirtdress style but all of them have a waist seam.

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