2013 Sewing Plan: The “I Made It My Plan” Dress

P1080762 copy
2013 Sewing Plan: Project 6
P1080764 copyFabric:
Coral semi-mystery fabric from Mood $14
Pattern: Tunic from Great British Sewing Bee book
Year: 2013
Notions: Nothing but thread
Time to complete: Probably over 8 hours. I was slow.
First worn: To work this week
Wear again? Indeed
Total price: ~$14 if you don’t count the trip to the UK for the book…

Pink?! What?! Well, actually it’s closer to coral in real life. I picked it because I thought it would match the double-knit I purchased from Michael Levine earlier. This fabric was in with the “Cotton Sateens” at Mood, but I could tell by the drapy-ness that it was different. I did a burn test and I suspect it’s actually rayon even though cotton and rayon burn very similarly. It just hangs and handles like some other, confirmed, rayons I’ve used.
P1080759 copy
Please excuse the wrinkles. I can only take photos on the weekends or after work. I wore this to work on Monday and took photos when husband got home. It was a bit smoother when I started this morning. See?
20130826_082314 copy
This wasn’t originally part of my 2013 Sewing Plan, but it is now! I had no way of knowing this book would walk into my life when the year started. I thought I would do the Button-Back blouse first, but I have yet to print it out. Given that this one came printed with the book it was easy to trace and start.
P1080749 copy
I lengthened it both in pattern and via a band along the bottom. The band helps weigh the hem down a little so I get less flipping up in the wind.
P1080751 copy


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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4 Responses to 2013 Sewing Plan: The “I Made It My Plan” Dress

  1. loranc says:

    I was SHOCKED, I say, just SHOCKED when the screen showed a dress NOT green! But it’s very pretty : ) I wonder how it would like in a wool or some fun plaid this winter? (hint, hint)

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  3. Sandra GIlbert says:

    Series 2 of the Great British sewing bee starts here in the UK on the 18th of Feb 2014 on BBC 2 the accompanying book is called sew your own wardrobe, that sounds like a challenge :)

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