Sew Weekly Reunion: The “Outfitted By Gertie” Ensemble

P1080737 copy copy
2013 Sewing Plan: Project 5
g-pencil skirtFabric: Blue dotted cotton shirting, $2.50 from Michael Levine’s Loft, green gaberdine $7 from Fashion Fabrics Club
Pattern: Gertie’s Portrait Blouse and Pencil Skirt
Year: 2012
Notions: Zip $.50
Time to complete: Four hours for each piece probably
First worn: To work last week
Wear again? Will do!
Total price: ~$10

A complete Gertie outfit! I couldn’t resist. If only I had little ankle socks like she does in her book. Oh well.
P1080730 copy
So of course my color for the Pantone Fall 2013 challenge was Emerald. OF COURSE. Did you expect something less?! How silly of you. And the dots on my top are fairly close to Mykanos Blue, which is also part of the palette.
P1080734 copy
My blouse is new pattern number five for me this year in my sewing plan. I am WAY behind if I want to have 12 done before the end of the year (lots of travel for work, lots of moving house) but I won’t be sad about it if I can get to at least eight. I do like this pattern but I think my fabric is a bit too stiff for it. I hope it softens with wear. I skipped the interfacing in the neckline. I also skipped the side zipper because I seamed the back – thinking I’d make a button-back – but then I did the Mena Test and it was workable without any closures!
P1080742 copy
I think this is a great outfit for fall. I will very likely wear a cardigan with this top as, unless I’m sweating, I usually wear longer sleeves.
P1080736 copy
I do have a considerable amount of the green gaberdine left over. I am strongly considering making a cropped jacket. I just haven’t found the right pattern yet.
I have to share this last picture that I posted to Instagram. I recently upgraded my phone so, yay! Instagram! And also, I finally purchased a full-length mirror! I haven’t been able to properly see my outfits in YEARS. But I could never find a mirror that hung over the door, instead of being mounted onto a wall or door.


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14 Responses to Sew Weekly Reunion: The “Outfitted By Gertie” Ensemble

  1. sewexhausted says:

    Your Gertie outfit is great! Perfect for work. And emerald green. Greens have always been one of my favorite colors. I have Gerties book, but have yet to try anything. I like the poet blouse- and have been wanting a blouse w/ buttons on the back- thanks for the idea! ~Laurie

  2. Vicki says:

    I think yours is the first Sew Weekly Reunion post I’ve seen! (must get mine photographed and blogged… least it’s sewn!)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Yeah, so many work/home things going on I wanted to make sure I got it done in time! I saw yours in my feed but have yet to comment. This is so exciting to get everyone back together once more :D

  3. Joelle says:

    Love your skirt and blouse! I have Gertie’s book, too, but haven’t attempted anything out of it. Still working away on my outfit, too…

  4. Loran says:

    I JUST got my outfit cut out last night and here you’re done!! It is beautiful and SO LIZ : )

  5. Great outfit! I have the Gertie book but so far I’ve only made the pencil skirt. I must get it out and have another look because your top is adorable. I would love to be able to get away with wearing her ankle socks too, but I don’t think I could carry it off.

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  7. Amanda says:

    I love it! Looks great!

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I have plans to sew a few items from the book too:)

  9. Lee says:

    Very classic chic, and I would be shocked to see you in another color than emerald! You should follow up on that jacket someday. Actually, what do you think of this pattern:

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