Random Sewing: The “Jessica Fletcher Is My Spirit Animal” Dress

P1080688 sized copy
b3100 c1985Fabric: Pink dot cotton by Sevenberry $14, panel print cotton $13 both from Mood L.A., cotton muslin scraps from stash
Pattern: Butterick 3100
Year: 1985
Notions: self-made bias tape, 1/4″ elastic, 11 buttons – all from stash
Time to complete: 12 hours
First worn: To work this week
Wear again? You bet your sweet bippy!
Total price: $27

I don’t know why I named this dress after the formidable mystery writer and (conspicuously) often detective, but I’ve been bingeing on Murder She Wrote and I love the way she dresses. I’m on season 6, and think she would wear this, or at least this style of dress.
P1080686 copy
So this dress is sort of stash-buster-ish. I bought both of these earlier this year when I was in Los Angeles. And here they are made up!
P1080685 copy
I went for a sleeveless option for summer – I also didn’t purchase enough fabric for sleeves to begin with. I bound the arm scythes in self-made bias tape and used some unbleached muslin for facings. And the bow is just a pin.
P1080682 copy
I really like this dress pattern. I’ve only done it in stiff cotton, but I think it’s really more intended for fabrics with more drape. Maybe next time.
P1080677 copy
If I look a bit miserable in these photos it’s because it’s 94 degrees Fahrenheit and about 50% humidity. Oof.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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4 Responses to Random Sewing: The “Jessica Fletcher Is My Spirit Animal” Dress

  1. loranc says:

    I had a taste of your humidity last week when I was in Washingtion DC. I tried dressing cute but man, it’s tough out there! Makes me appreciate our weather out here, as hot as it can be, at least we have almost no humidity. I’ve got my “Liz” dress made, just need to make time for a photoshoot soon : )

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