Stashbusting for Charity

Do you have fabric in your stash that always makes you say to yourself, “Why the heck did I buy this? It’s just not me! What I’m I ever going to do with it?” Well, I have an idea for you!

I have two such fabrics (at least) that I once loved but now am struggling to find a use. I was tempted to give it away but then I heard about Project Run and Play’sSkirting the Issue” charity sewing event.
P1080672 copy
Basically you sew a skirt for kids/tweens/teens in need. You can sew and donate to your own local charity, or send them over to PRP to distribute. Click here for some FAQs if you’re interested in participating. Everything needs to be done by August 18th if you want to be eligible to win a prize.
P1080673 copy
So far, I sewed these two skirts and one pillow case. I liked both of these main fabrics, I just can’t see myself wearing them so to “Skirting the Issue” they are going! I only had a small amount of these “Retro Circles” from Robert Kaufman left so it was easy to make them the band on the case – which I’m actually donating to a local homeless shelter for women and children along with some other things they need.

I’m thinking of digging through my large-ish scraps to see what else I can make!


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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