Random Sewing: The “Typical Me” Dress

P1080665 copy
Fabric: Striped knit from Michael Levine Loft $2.50/lb
Pattern: Self-drafted
Notions: Black elastic from stash
Time to complete: Around 3 hours
First worn: To work a few weeks ago
Wear again? Already have!
Total price: $2.50?

First, I have to thank fellow 2012 Sew Weekly-er, Loran, for including me in her challenge calendar! If you don’t follow her, you should! In addition to her normal sewing this year, she’s also sewing things inspired by the other participants of Sew Weekly 2012. I’m honored to be Ms. July!
P1080661 copy
I guess I have to also mention the rather conspicuous bandage on my left pinky finger. On Tuesday I tried really hard to slice my knuckle off. Obviously I jest as this was not on purpose, however, I do not exaggerate the severity of the injury. Six stitches. And no, I did not ask for green tape, it’s just a lucky coincidence. Another woman at the Urgent Care ahead of me also had a laceration. She came out with green tape and I got really happy at the possibility that I too would have to get wrapped in green tape. No joke. …I know, I have issues.
P1080667 copy
Anyway! This dress turned out EXACTLY how I wanted! That doesn’t always happen to me – especially when I self-draft. I’m still getting the hang of what alterations work.

This knit is fairly lightweight but still went through my machine well without a walking foot – also sort of a miracle. Some months ago I saw this dress on Pinterest which got me looking for more striped knits. I found this fabric at Michael Levine’s Loft in L.A. at the beginning of February. I got 4 yards of it and sent some to Loran, keeping enough to make this dress. When I went back in April I think they still had a little.
P1080663 copy
I wanted a very basic shape so – much like two of my tunic tops – it’s just a rectangle, but cinched in the middle with elastic.

I also counted the number of striped garments I have in my wardrobe now. I have more than enough to for a full week of striped-based outfits. I might actually do it to see if anyone notices…although they may think I’m insane…


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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5 Responses to Random Sewing: The “Typical Me” Dress

  1. loranc says:

    Ohh….you should do your own version of Me Made May but all stripes : ) I’ve got my version of your dress cut out and ready to sew and we will NOT look alike! Although I’m seriously liking the simplicity of yours, it is very “you”.

  2. Ashley says:

    I’m loving this dress! I’m thinking there may be some rectangles and elastic in my near future…

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