2013 Sewing Plan: The “Several New York Minutes” Dress

P1080589 copy
2013 Sewing Plan: Project 4 (project 3 is as-yet unblogged)
S4070Fabric: Floral quilting cotton $5, black cotton sateen $7
Pattern: Simplicity 4070
Year: 2006
Notions: Invisible zip $1, hem tape from stash
Time to complete: About 10 hours? Four of that was hand-sewing hems and stuff.
First worn: For pictures, but I will wear it to an event on Thursday
Wear again? Yes ‘um
Total price: $13-ish

Well this dress was not supposed to happen yet either. But here we are. I used up this floral quilting cotton I’ve had in my stash since last spring, and used all the black sateen I purchased specifically to finish this dress.
P1080606 copy
I have to travel for work again this week. New York City again. I have two events that I’ll need to be dressed up-ish, and I will most definitely be seeing several people at both things so it couldn’t be the same dress twice. I didn’t have a dress that I felt was dressy-ish and comfortable enough for the later event and this one had been in my brain for a while so I got started on it Thursday night. I finished hand-sewing the hem Sunday afternoon.
P1080597 copy
I think there’s something in the water. Or maybe it’s just because I’m finally over my cold and I have what resembles energy again.
P1080600 copy
Ignore that the skirt isn’t laying properly over my bum. Quick photos in the rain equals attention elsewhere. Also, while I used an invisible zip, I left it semi-exposed on purpose. I just liked the way it showed.
P1080590 copy
Anyway I made no alterations to the pattern. Except that I didn’t include the skirt lining or make a belt as I already had this one from something else. I should have brought the neckline down a half inch as it sits at an awkward place for me. But it’s not terrible.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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One Response to 2013 Sewing Plan: The “Several New York Minutes” Dress

  1. Love what you’ve done with this pattern making it look like separates, and that bow is so cute. I’m glad your energy is back again.

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