Random Sewing: The “B-B-B-Bowies In Space” Garments

P1070378 copy
Fabric: Striped jersey for cardigan, scraps of cotton for applique.
Pattern: Stretch & Sew 300, self drafted the bolt
Year: 1979 and 1973 for the original lightening bolt design.
Notions: Teal grosgrain ribbon for the facings of the cardigan plackets
Time to complete: I’ve completely forgotten. It’s been about a month since I finished these.
First worn: For quick pics after I’d finished them, and then to the exhibition David Bowie Is… at the V&A!
Wear again? Likely.
Total price: I’m calling it free because these were all already in my stash from other projects.
For Tempest’s Bowie Sew-Along

P1070368 copy
I was stumped for a while on what to do. I really wanted to make a tailored blazer but there was no way this fabric was going to behave for that. So cardigan has to do…for now… I also considered making tailored trousers from the Thurlow pattern, but I was in too much of a rush to give them the proper attention.
P1070379 copy
So anyway, this is what I was able to do. I’m very pleased with the applique. I was trying to cover up two tiny holes that were at the hem of this H&M tee. The bolt is so far behind me it barely shows when I wear the cardi.
IMG_20130406_183717 copy 2
I’m out of things to say about these, but I will just say that the exhibition was EXCELLENT. I was disappointed only in that the “intelligent” audio guide was a tid-bit glitchy, there was no Flight of the Concords reference (!!), and some of the last costumes on display were too high up to inspect. But the over all effect of the ambient guide, the whole style of the exhibition, and the artifacts in it, were an amazing thing to behold. I’m so glad we got tickets.
IMG_20130406_181020 copy


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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3 Responses to Random Sewing: The “B-B-B-Bowies In Space” Garments

  1. Toni says:

    visit fanbloomingtastic.com for her bowie sew along…

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