30 Things Before I Turned 30

Today is my 30th birthday! Hurrah! Let the trumpets sound! Also I’m in London!!! For the past year I’ve been gearing myself up for this occasion, so I’m not weirded out, or scared, or any of those things that happen to women in sit-coms. I do feel more adult somehow though. Ready for accomplishing life milestones. I think the home-ownership thing had a bit to do with that as well.

Anyway, I wanted to celebrate the last month of my 20s by doing something special/crazy. It only happens once, after all. I did Sew Weekly last year and that lead me to “30 makes in 30 days before I turned 30”. Well, that was rather ambitious. It turned more into “Special Things”. Some are cooler than others. This was hard, yo! I had a TON of other work to do! We’ve been working on the new house basically non-stop! Anyway, here are 30 special things I made!!
cardi IMG-20130307-00498 sized P1070263 sized grey IMG-20130311-00500 sized
1. Bowie-inspired cardigan (separate post to come) || 2. A list of artists for a future exhibit || 3. Jeni’s Black Coffee Ice Cream || 4. Made my finger bleed and two beige rooms, grey. I can’t really explain it, but I have a massive aversion to beige walls. Grey is my go-to neutral. It goes with everything, and makes every other color pop. It just makes me happy. We’ve since painted three other rooms in our new house. Three more to go! So ready to be done. || 5. Coffee. Well, about 25 cups of coffee over the 30 days of counting “makes”. I grind my own beans and use the pour-over method — for anyone interested in that type of thing.
P1070331 copy gibriel sized P1070329 copy P1070302 sized IMG-20130313-00511 sized
6. Pillow cover out of a fat quarter in my stash and scraps (might say more later) || 7. A jumble into someone else’s work of art. I’ve curated and installed my fair share of exhibits before, but I’ve never had to re-create someone else’s installation art. It felt pretty darn awesome so I’m counting it! || 8. Seat cushion for my future sewing room! (Also may post more later) || 9. Mini pies for Pi Day! I don’t own a pie pan but I did have these little tort cup things, thus mini pies. || 10. Object labels and thus a “room” into a “gallery.” This is not my first rodeo with label making. One of my superiors tried to help and relieve me of this task by telling me I could outsource them, but I couldn’t let go. Sometimes it’s the only way I feel creative and invested in a project. This time it made me feel like I had completed the entire exhibit from start to finish.
bag bread P1070328 copy pancakes zip
11. New bag for myself for my London trip. (Will say more later) || 12. Irish Soda/Dairy Bread for St. Patrick’s Day || 13. Fleece hat! I thought I lost my favorite hat and I was distraught (and cold) for two days until I found it under the couch. I made this one as a back-up || 14. Pancakes for dinner! || 15. Zipper pouch. I thought I knew what I was doing. I was wrong. It’s wonky inside.
P1070324 copy bowie tee IMG-20130404-00547 teal P1070326 copy
16. Vegetarian Black Bean Espresso Chili. This is my TNT food. I can almost make it from memory. || 17. Bowie-inspired tee-shirt (more to come.) || 18. Polka-dot shift dress (more to come. Too cold to wear for photos) || 19. Teal knit dress (see previous post for more) || 20. Pasta! I make my sauce from scratch because otherwise my Italian relatives will haunt me. Also I drank a glass of wine on a Monday! Oooo adventurous!
IMG-20130323-00533 copy garland P1070395 belt clutch
21. Striped fabric storage bin – still working on finishing the top edge. Finally used up every scrap of this navy stripe fabric! || 22. Easter Egg garland from paint chips (we have so many nowadays!) || 23. Chai concentrate I doubled the recipe (so yummy!) || 24. Green ribbon belt || 25. Button clutch for the London trip too.
P1070393 P1070398 bread 2 stanchions IMG-20130404-00548
26. Egg sandwiches for Easter || 27. Roasted veggies || 28. Banana bread (using up produce!) || 29. Stanchions (those things that go around art to keep kids out! :D) || 30. One of four little curtains for my future sewing room.

Wow. That’s a lot. It looks like a lot, and it felt like a lot! Having to keep track of it all was probably the toughest bit. So anyway I’m in London for a little while. Sadly, I’ll be missing the meet-up on the 20th, but I do still plan on fabric shopping and watching the Great British Sewing Bee live!!

About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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6 Responses to 30 Things Before I Turned 30

  1. Cherise says:

    Congratulations on your birthday! :)

    Hmm, banana bread sounds interesting, I think I might have to try that sometime.

    • Sully Liz says:

      Thank you! You should try it! It’s super delicious and easy to make! It’s usually not overwhelmingly banana flavored if you’re worried about that – especially if you add chopped walnuts.

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you’re having a blast in London. I adore your blog and really enjoy your creations. Congratulations on all of these special things.

  3. Happy Birthday Liz! That does seem a lot of things, well done. Enjoy London and that exhibition you lucky thing :) love those makes!

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