Random Sewing: The “Real New Girl” Dress

P1070362 copy
SnS 1505Fabric: Dark teal medium-weight knit from Haberman’s $18 but used a gift card
Pattern: The bodice of Stretch & Sew 1505, self drafted the waist band and circle skirt
Year: 1979 + my medling
Notions: 2 scraps of bias tape to reinforce the shoulder seems
Time to complete: Probably 6-7 hours or so. Did it start to finish on the same day!
First worn: To work Wednesday
Wear again? Indeed!
Total price: $18 but free because of said gift card!

P1070338 copy
I rarely make a garment start to finish on the same day. Usually I do 90% of it and leave the hem or neckline finishing for another day. I started this around 4:30pm on Sunday and had it done before midnight. Plus I took about an hour or so break for dinner. It helped that I already had this pattern traced and marked up for modifications from previous uses. Also the knit needed no seem finishing, and only minimal ironing from being folded and stored. So basically I was ready to go!
P1070348 copy
This is almost exactly how I wanted this dress to turn out. I need to try taking in the side seems because it’s a little big around my waist. (Ignore my poorly tied bow, these were taken after work and it was freezing outside.) I was basically copying Zooey Deschanel’s dress from the opening theme of her show, New Girl – except in my signature cool color palette. And I’m pretty sure I was heavily influenced by Lladybird’s Slinky Red Butterick 5078.
P1070361 copy
I didn’t plan on having this dress done yet. I was going to save it for later in the year, but I got my Bowie sewing done and my 30 Makes in 30 Days was calling for a little push. So I started it to see how far I could get. Once I realized I had 60% of it done in about 2 hours it was like a compulsion to keep going and finish it all.
P1070357 copy
I also used the majority of this fabric up. There’s not enough left to do much with so it’s happily going in my scrap bin – which I basically used-up with another project for my 30 in 30. Stay tuned for that wrap-up next week!

UPDATE: So Vicki (aka Another Sewing Scientist) pinned a link to this blog, What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear? And in scrolling through that I found this teal dress…

And some of the similar dresses they found to replicate that are basically the same as mine. Especially this ModCloth one…
Mod Cloth
The sleeves?! The waist band?! And I’m like, 99% sure that’s a circle skirt! So minus the tucks at the shoulders and zipper up the back, this is my dress.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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14 Responses to Random Sewing: The “Real New Girl” Dress

  1. BeingZhenya says:

    Love this! You are so talented! And you had it done so fast! I am impressed! You are my inspiration now :)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Thank you so much!! I’ve gotten better at focusing on my task and having all my tools “at the ready” so the whole thing goes more smoothly. It’s done wonders for my completion times.

      • BeingZhenya says:

        I need to do that too, I often get up stuck working or finishing up a project for a long time, and then 3 weeks later I finally get back to it, you know what I mean? I need to be more focused as well! :)

  2. I love the style and color of this dress. It looks really flattering on you also! :)

  3. Maryall says:

    It’s a gorgeous dress, you did a great job and it looks so good on you! :)

  4. ClaireE says:

    Great dress and super speedy! I love the colour.

  5. Trish Blair says:

    Looks great Liz! I can’t believe it’s a knit! The skirt sits beautifully. I was watching 500 Days of Summer last night – there is one sweet organza dress ZD wore in that. My mind was working overtime!! Her style is great! As is yours! Trish !!

  6. anothersewingscientist says:

    I admit to having a bit of a girl crush on her and her style. If only I could grow out my hair overnight, I’d try that style again. Heehee….the best thing about being a sewist is that you can skip the “where to buy similar” blogs and just sew your own! You did a great job, and I like the cirlce skirt better than straight skirt.
    (I did a red New Girl dress for a SW challenge last year, but like yours, I lengthened it a bit from the inspiration dress because I wanted to be able to wear it to work and actually bend down once in a while!)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Of course I remember yours! I secretly wanted to do the same inspiration but I felt I couldn’t because I hadn’t really watched the show. I recently got all caught up and now I’m addicted.

      And I totally hear you on the length. I just can’t get away with skirts as short as hers :D

  7. sewexhausted says:

    Your dress turned out lovely… and what a wonderful color! ~Laurie

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