2013 Sewing Plan: The “Stash-Busting All Over” Skirt

2013 Sewing Plan: Project 2
Fabric: Black and white woven suiting left over from a dress I made two years ago, poplin from Lisette collection for facings
Pattern: Gertie’s Pencil Skirt
Year: 2012
Notions: 1 hook and eye, 7″ zip
Time to complete: Probably 6 hours or so.
First worn: To work today
Wear again? Sure thing
Total price: I’m calling this free because I had everything in my stash for quite a while

Yay! Finished project! Feels like it’s been a long time. Maybe I’ve just been really busy. House stuff, and work stuff, and general exhaustion. Anyway, I’m counting this toward my February sewing because I did finish it last night.
This was a really quick project, only four pattern pieces and overall it went well. Except that I somehow didn’t pay attention when I was tracing and apparently missed that there were supposed to be two darts on either side, front and back – so 8 darts total. So of course when I went to put the waist band on, the skirt was too big. Taking in the side seams helped.

Lesson learned. Will retrace and do it correctly next time. I also shortened the length by almost 4 inches.
I think the front looks a little loose. Doing the correct darting next time should help that. The horizontal wrinkles come from having been sitting down in this for a long time today. Otherwise I think the fit is pretty spot-on. My bum has never looked so bangin’!

The fabric was the left-overs I had from one of the first things I’ve ever sewn, a McCall’s 5972. I had been saving this for Thurlow shorts but the skirt was easier to get done quickly. The facing of the waistband pieces is the left-overs from my Gatsby-inspired blouse.


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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4 Responses to 2013 Sewing Plan: The “Stash-Busting All Over” Skirt

  1. Tempest says:

    I wouldn’t have noticed it being slightly baggy on the front if you hadnt mentioned it. It looks lovely and you’re totally right about the fit on the back if I can agree with your comments without sounding like a letcherous old man. Well done on another finished project!

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