Mood L.A. Adventure

Well I’ve officially received 100% more comments on my giveaway post than I thought I would! There’s still plenty of time to enter so go do that now!

Anyway, I’m back in Michigan. And it hasn’t stopped snowing! Oh, Southern Californians have it so easy! Having that mini-break from winter was awesome. Everyone in the cold and grey states should do it!

Anyway, I had some time on Saturday to go to some museums (LACMA and Page – aka The La Brea Tar Pits) and while I was over there I also hit up Mood’s Los Angeles branch because they were fairly close.
It’s all on one large floor but holds a lot less than the NYC store. There’s basically only one shelving system for each type of fabric – except wools and knits which get way more room. They have a bunch of barrels grouped together that had some known designer’s fabrics (mostly silks) in them – Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Anna Sui, etc. It was really cool to be able to browse those as a group.
And look! They have a store mascot too! I didn’t catch its name, and it doesn’t seem to be online anywhere! Everyone just talks about Swatch in NY! Apparently his name is Oscar! Like Oscar de la Renta!

I spent about an hour and half walking around trying to make up my mind. This always happens to me at Mood! I always want to get something “special” because it’s a special trip, and I see a lot that I’m not “feeling” so it takes me a while to commit to anything at all.
P1070206 copy
This is what I picked up. The cream/pinky-red version of the same dotted Sevenberry fabric I used for my “9 to 5” Dress, and this panel print in cream and pink. They match each other really well and I plan on using them together for a sleeveless version of the “9 to 5” Dress with the panel print as the skirt.

I went in thinking “I canNOT get anymore stripes or dots!” And was starting to look for something like this dress I saw on Pinterest (the link goes to tumblr so I don’t know who made it and a reverse image search wasn’t helpful.) And I kept saying to myself, “Put a bird on it!” but that didn’t help. There was nothing suitable but I kept coming back to the panel print and just as I was carrying the roll to the cutting table I saw the Sevenberry dots that matched so well and knew it was fate. Just when I think I’m going without dots, they pull me back IN!


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