Further 2012 Sewing Review and Surprise News!

Maybe you recall that back in January I mocked up a few planning boards for myself as inspiration/intention for my projects for The Sew Weekly. Let’s see how I did, shall we?

Simplicity 6933 board
P1040458 sized 500 final P1060946 copy
Accomplished both (mostly – coat still needs some finishing)!!

McCalls 5591 grey P1040510a sized

Butterick 5450 board
Nope. Boo. :(

Simplicity-2211-grn-ivory P1040997 crop
Yes…ish! Different pattern, but same idea!

SNS-1505-green-jersey Oz Dress
Yup did one of those!

Simplicity-2593-prints day 5
Ummm…kind of. I used that one fabric at least!

Wow, that was better than I thought.

My goodness what. a. year! I don’t think I’ve ever been more productive…or exhausted!! I will welcome the slower pace next year…in our NEW HOUSE! Surprised? I was too!

That’s right. Despite the fact that we just moved into a new townhouse not four months ago, we have decided to buy a house. It was all very sudden and the process was like a crazy whirlwind. It was like some crazy fate that we happened to see our dream house for sale in the neighbourhood next to our current rental. We are very pleased with our decision and we hope to be done with renovations and moved in by next summer. (Pictures of all that to come!)

I hadn’t even been able to put the finishing touches on my new sewing space! So here it is, still a bit unfinished. I was going to hang a corkboard on the wall, but since we’re not staying I’m not going to bother! I had plans for curtains on all the windows and that’s not happening now either! I had one curtain rod up so that window got curtains the others will remain bare.
Finally having this dedicated space has done wonders for my sewing productivity. I used to sew at the kitchen table, or on a portable table at the couch. Everything’s basically at my fingertips now, and fabrics are so much easier to wrangle!
(Click to see what’s what)

Thank you all for following me this year. It means so much to me to know people are even slightly interested in something I do. I hope you all have fantastic starts to the New Year filled with people and things you love!!


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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