How-To Make An Easy/Lazy Loki Costume!

My post for SW published today and I wanted to share this tutorial before Halloween tomorrow. Maybe someone will find it useful?

So as I said in my Sew Weekly post, I figured the basic elements of Loki’s costume are black, green, gold, and horns. I made a basic black dress that I can actually wear after Halloween (or outside of cos-play if that’s your thing) and added the rest.


I used about one and a half yards of Kelly green satin, just folding under the selvedges and stitching. I’m embarrassed to point this out because I could have done a WAY better job. But I was lazy and tired so it’s wrinkled and meh. I then just free handed some folds at the top to make it the width of my shoulders. I slip-stitched those down from the back so they wouldn’t move and wouldn’t show. Then I just safety-pinned it to my dress in four places. I could have stitched it to the dress but again, I was being lazy. Then I hemmed it just at my calves so I wouldn’t trip over it, but would still strike a menacing figure…I guess. Lol, I don’t know I just thought that length looked cool. You could make it shorter or longer. Whatevs!

I figure that I’ll be able to re-use this satin for another garment later as not much will be damaged from the stitching and unpicking.

I thought the lines of Simplicity 1802’s bodice were cool and the inverse of Loki’s bodice (are men’s clothes called the same thing?!?!) from the movies Thor and The Avengers. I was going to do green piping along those but figured that would make the dress harder to wear just normally. So I instead opted for the stomacher…which looks like this on the reverse:

Again, sooooo embarrassed to show you my sloppy, sloppy, horrible sewing. I was totally winging all of this. And yes I use whatever thread I have on hand for inside-no-one-is-going-to-see-this-so-it-doesn’t-matter stitches.

Basically just take strips of your fabric (I cut on the bias and this might make it easier to go together) joining together from the longest pieces on up. I also winged filling out the sides to make a rectangle wide enough to cover my torso. You’ll notice I made a completely green bodice and just put the gold over one of the strips. I should have used the gold in the first run of assembling. It was kind of hard to stitch it in place over the piece that was already there.


I wasn’t into the full Loki helmet so I conceived this horn headband instead. It was surprisingly easy to cover the headband with a gold ribbon first, I just slip-stitched it around. And then I sewed the horns onto the ribbon. Up-close the stitching isn’t the prettiest, but it got the job done and my hair covers most of the ugly bits. I free-handed the template for the horns, but it looked like this…

I cut out four of these, two facing right and two facing left. Then just sewed a right and a left together, right-sides touching. Leave the bottom of the horn unstitched so you can turn it right-side out, fill with scrap fabric or batting, leaving enough room to fold down the ends like wrapping a present, and stitch it closed. Then eye-ball the placement on the headband and stitch in place making sure to stitch to the front and back of the headband (like staking a tent) so the horns stay up-right on their own and don’t flop over.

These were probably the laziest things I made. I wasn’t going to make the vambraces at all but decided to give it a try at almost the last minute. Basically I just took a square of my gold pleather and punched tiny holes down two sides. Then I laced them up with elastic thread I had on hand. This was kind of itchy but it worked and people liked them so the 5 minutes of effort was worth it.

The necklace-thing was a last-minute add too. I was going to buy one of those collar necklaces that are popular now, but I ended up not wanting to bother as I’ll never wear it again. So I cut out a template from card stock, traced it and cut it out of my pleather leaving a bit of extra around the edges and top, and just glued it onto the card stock. Then I stitched the top ends to my dress (very sloppily and in black thread because I don’t have any gold).


I had to supervise little kids so I opted not to have a sceptre. But I have seen tutorials around where people make them out of dowels and LED flashlights attached with plumbing connectors. I opted for the easier tesseract or “Cosmic Cube”. Basically I got one of those lucite/plexi/acrylic/whatever you want to call this material boxes mainly used for displaying baseballs. Then I shredded a blue plastic bag into thin strips and stuffed them in. Then I took an LED push-light from IKEA and taped it to the lid/bottom. It illuminates the blue plastic pretty nicely and since it’s on the lid I can turn it on/off easily without having to dig through the thing. AND since my battery in the light is kind of old, it sometimes flickers. There must be small, flickering, battery operated lights out there somewhere, I just didn’t come across one.

So voilà! Easy-ish Loki costume. In all it cost me about $20 and about 18 hours of work over the span of two weeks.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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3 Responses to How-To Make An Easy/Lazy Loki Costume!

  1. Kylie says:

    I will be at a party where I’m taking photos and using my phone, so I’m using this costume as my inspiration but I installed a free app on my phone with a blue light and that shall be my tesseract.

  2. Achamb says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! finally a head piece that is easy and cheap and looks good! thanks so much!

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