Sewing Projects 34: The “Making Another Memory” Dress

Originally written for, and posted at, The Sew Weekly. Theme: Plaid
The Facts
Fabric: Black/white plaid and houndstooth suiting $21
Pattern: Butterick 5032
Year: 1952 reissue
Notions: 18″ zipper $1
Time to complete: 12 hours (12 eps of 80s Sherlock Holmes)
First worn: For pictures, but I’ll wear it to work before this posts probably
Wear again? Indeed!
Total price: ~$22
I got featured again! Which is funny because I was also featured for the dress this one is based on!

Does this look familiar? It should. It’s the dress I wanted to make for the Oscar’s challenge, but had to settle for a different plaid. When the plaid challenge came up I knew I wanted to make another jumper-like dress. I didn’t plan on making the “exact same one” (as husband thought) as before. But when I spotted this fabric logic went out the window, and I had to make the dress “correctly” this time!

So there’s really not much more to say other than I whipped this up in less than half the time as the first one. Well, I also didn’t have to make a jacket and hand-sew any trim. Thank goodness!

…It would be nice to have a matching jacket though…OH WAIT! What’s that?! The Sherlock Holmes cape from last week is reversible?!!?! Oh snaps!
 I wish I could have shared this last week but I wanted it to be a surprise. I kept whipping the cape on and off, reversing which side was up, and shouting, “COME, WATSON! The game is afoot!” I was amused.
 Sometimes I’m just too clever. Not often. But sometimes. I am completely in love with what I’ve done these past two weeks. I wish I was always this satisfied with what I make.


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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2 Responses to Sewing Projects 34: The “Making Another Memory” Dress

  1. Hi, your Sherlock Holmes inspired outfit is super cool. I’m actually attempting to make a jumper out of the pattern you used here. I’m pretty novice at this and for the life of me I can’t figure out how to finish the bodice. I’ve scoured the internet for help without much success. If you have any pointers, they will be appreciated. Thanks!

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