Sewing Projects 33: The “A Study in Grey” Outfit

Originally written for, and posted at, The Sew Weekly. Theme: Books
The Facts
Fabric: Grey suiting $12, lining from stash $0
Pattern: “Frankenpattern”, Butterick 5032 and free deerstalker pattern
Year: Contemporary mix and 1952 reissue
Notions: 16″ zipper $1, covered buttons from stash $0
Time to complete: 15 hours (2 seasons of Sherlock and 6 eps of the 80s BBC series Sherlock Holmes)
First worn: For pictures
Wear again? Right, ho!
Total price: ~$13
Since we had so much fun on this photo shoot I added a few more pics at the end that weren’t in the post for SW. Enjoy!

It had to be done. It HAD TO! I had this cape pattern, and I had been waiting and waiting to make a grey dress. All I needed to do was Google a pattern for a Deerstalker and I was set. It had to be done. So I did.

Admittedly my mom is a bigger Sir-Arthur-Conan-Doyle-canon Sherlock Holmes fanatic than I am. She’s very particular about who Holmes is and is not. I am just a fan of the character in general, so I appreciate modern interpretations of all sorts. She came to visit me the first time I studied abroad in London, and I made sure to take her to the museum at 221B Baker Street. And then when hubs and I went to London for our honeymoon, we stayed just up the road from The Sherlock Holmes Pub on Northumberland Street, and made a special trip to the Baker Street tube station just so I could get a good picture of the tiles (after years of failing).

Anyway, the cape with the dress is meant to echo the Inverness cape/coat that Sherlock Holmes is commonly depicted wearing. But I’ve added the red buttonhole detail that Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock is known for.

Can you believe I don’t have a basic A-line dress pattern with a basic bodice and sleeves? I could’t believe it either. Everyone seems to have Simplicity 2444 except me. I’ve been trying not to buy a whole lot of patterns so I “Frankenpatterned” my way through it with the skirt from Simplicity 2209, the bodice from McCall’s 5972, and the sleeves from Simplicity 2211.

I knew the bodice and skirt would be easy-ish to put together, but I wasn’t sure how well the sleeves would work with the bodice. So first compared the bodice for the dress, and the blouse the sleeves usually belong to. Then I made one muslin sleeve and basted it in and made some minor adjustments and it was fine. Since I was doing sleeves I moved the zipper from the side, to the back. I’ve always wanted to do that! This whole outfit was just full of success!

Also, yes, we had a ton of fun on this photo shoot.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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6 Responses to Sewing Projects 33: The “A Study in Grey” Outfit

  1. This is a fabulous outfit. Very cool Frankenpatterning action. The cape is gorgeous as well, especially that red buttonhole detail. I’ve been wanting to make a cape, but didn’t know where to begin. I actually have that Butterick 5032 and it never occurred to me to just make the cape separately (yet another Shelley ‘duh’ moment!), so truly, thank you for the inspiration. Your creativity is outstanding. Excellent photography too.

    • Sully Liz says:

      Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with this project. I love this Butterick pattern. The dress is very chic and I just love patterns that include multiple extra garment patterns. So much opportunity for mixing and matching! You should make up a cape…or two…I want them to become a “thing” again!! :D

  2. bubiknits says:

    exellent! this outfit is gorgeous! I love the cape and the dress and this cap… wow you look like a perfect Sharlock girl :)

  3. woah!! that’s an awesome outfit, i can’t believe you made a deerstalker!! i especially love the red buttonholes and the black/white/red plaid undercollar. without the cap, you could use it as a nancy drew inspired ensemble as well. smashing!!

  4. sue says:

    This turned out awesome! Love the red buttonhole on the cape.

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