Sewing Projects 32: The “Get it Together!” Dress

Originally written for, and posted at, The Sew Weekly. Theme: Collar
The Facts
Fabric: Black polka dot knit $9
Pattern: Stretch & Sew 1575
Year: 1974
Notions: 7 buttons from stash
Time to complete: 8 hours (6 eps of Fortysomething and a Project Runway or two)
First worn: Just for pictures
Wear again? Ehhh…if I seriously redo the collar
Total price: ~$9

This challenge didn’t start out with this dress. I was going to make a simple white blouse out of peachskin. But I chose a complicated pattern, and set myself up for failure. So that project is sitting in pieces in the corner while it thinks about what it has done.

I procrastinated getting started on the blouse until Thursday after work. And about an hour later I was so unmotivated and sick of looking at the thing I threw it aside and came up with plan B, this dress. Well, plan C. For about 5 minutes I was going to refashion one of my husband’s unwanted button-ups, but that idea didn’t last long. I had traced these pattern pieces onto tissue a month ago, so that meant I could get cutting right away. Also there were only a few pieces, two darts, and no inside finishing required! Sold.

I had to finish up most of it that night because we were going away for the weekend again and I wouldn’t be able to do anything until we got home on Sunday afternoon. I hate waiting until the last minute, so I was already on edge, which probably caused me to mess up more than normal, which just made me more frustrated with the whole thing. And I ended up with the worst collar I have ever made. Rushed construction plus 1970s styling equals serious ugliness. It’s just too big for my taste. I knew it when I was cutting it out but I guess I just ignored it?! Anyway, it needs to be fixed before I actually wear this out in public.

I had been so lazy with the challenge, and busy with real life, I needed a kick in the pants. But I’m SUPER excited for my plans for the next two challenges. I can’t wait to make those up!!


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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