More Gifts for Others

About a month ago one of my co-workers moved on to a bigger and better job. We had both started around the same time so it was weird to see him go. But he’s doing something he loves more, and our organizations will no doubt work together even more than we already do. I had sort-of short notice about his last day, and I wanted to give him a personal gift, so I quickly whipped up this cup cozy in some Star Wars fabric from Jo-Anns.

I’m a fan, but he’s one of those epic Star Wars fans. I swear he has every tie-in thing ever made. I thought this would be a unique thing for his collection.

I also (shoddily) embroidered a little something on the back.

Also, my in-laws are descendants of Bostonians so every few years they have a big lobster boil. I missed the last one, so when it was recently announced to be taking place again I, the token vegetarian of the family, chose to be supportive, but ultimately in the other room or hiding behind my fingers during the gross bits.

I made a set of 9 of these hybrid napkin/bibs which I concocted myself. Not to say this hasn’t been done before, I’d just never seen them. They were a hit, but of course, we somehow managed to not get a single picture of anyone using them.

I based the design off of the bibs the dentist puts on you (a square paper towel thing hooked on by a chain and clasps). So I made the napkin about 14 inches square. I designated one side as the “top” and measured 1.5 inches in from the corner, where I essentially made button holes.

I then made some skinny strips 20 inches long (I used pre-made bias tape, but you could make your own in the coordinating fabric) with one end sewn in a loop. To use it as a bib you secure the loop through one button hole and tie the other side at the other button hole. And when not in use, the ties are like napkin rings.

And then this last week, another co-worker left us for bigger things. We share similar nerdy interests so I made her this for her new desk.

Ickle (out of focus) wooden Sherlock complete with red button hole.


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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2 Responses to More Gifts for Others

  1. Love that red buttonhole! And that Star Wars cup holder. Good work :)

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