I’m Having A Fashion Emergency!

So I’m going to a very, very fancy event on Friday night for hubs’s work. The invite said attire was “Summer Chic”. What does that mean?!?! Can you help me pick an outfit?! I took some hasty weird-face, imperfect photos tonight.

Here are my options (click to enlarge):
Dress 1 with Shoes 1:

Shoes are a dark grey satin – if that helps.

Dress 1 with Shoes 2:

Skirt/shirt combo and Shoes 2:

Dress 2 with Shoes 2

Other options include buying one of the following pairs of sandals to go with any of the above. Because sandals mean “summer”, right?!
A. B. C.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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7 Responses to I’m Having A Fashion Emergency!

  1. Lakaribane says:

    Is it inside or outside? Grass or sand? On a boat? Because Wedges are the best for soft surfaces like sand, pebbles or grass. Otherwise, Dress 1 shoes 2, definitely. You don’t want to look to stuffy (shirt/skirt combo) or too sexy (dress 2), might reflect badly on your DH. Shoes 2 add the right amount of sass. Plus, dress 1 lets you EAT and not hold in your stomach the whole night. Color is cheerful and light, fulfills the dress code of Summer Chic by being short, sleeveless, light color (summer). Now if you want to go with sandals, go for the silver. You can’t match the blue and the black lacks the fancy. Good luck! (What is the brand of shoes 1, btw? very cute. Is it Rocket Dog by any chance? asks the 6.5 wide footed girl)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Wow, thanks!!!!!!!
      It’s indoor/outdoor (in a few ballrooms and terrace I think.) I was worried dress 1 was too short. I imagine I’ll be standing a lot, not sitting or bending so I guess it’s not a problem.
      Jelly Pop is the brand of my shoes. I got them at DSW a few months ago. I just found a few colors on Amazon, and Shoes.com has Pewter Metallic ones but in faux leather though.

  2. I like dress two with the silver/whit american egle sandle. You can never go wrong with a LBD, if it gets cool or is more conservative have a shawl/wrap on hand. Dress one with shoes two would be my second choice, I like the color.

  3. sewinsteady says:

    I agree with what Lakaribane has said. I’ll throw my vote in for dress number 1 and any of the shoe options…or, if you had some kind of strappy heels or wedges, that would hit home the summer chic look. :)

    • Sully Liz says:

      Thanks! That’s the trouble, I don’t own dressy summer shoes. I wish the sandal options I picked out had more of a heel, but I also want something to wear for everyday. Hmmmm decisions!

  4. I throw in two votes (well, I can’t decide). First vote is for the LBD and if you wanna vamp it up with a belt go accessorize baby. Plus you could up the bling with a longer necklace if you felt like it. I read somewhere that accessorizing is something few do enough of. My second vote would be the blue dress and shoes #2 – I agree with Lakaribane :)

    Let us know what you decide on.

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