Home At Last Part 2

So I showed you the fabric goodness, now for the eats!

First, we arrived in NYC on Sunday in time for breakfast (yup, that early). So we dropped our bags at the hotel and walked up to Sarabeth’s on Central Park South. I’m not a foodie by many standards, but my co-worker was, so this was all his doing. He really wanted the Lemon and Ricotta Pancakes – I had the white cheddar omelette with a pumpkin muffin. The atmosphere at Sarabeth’s is very nice and having seen it, I’m surprised we walked in and got a table. But then again it was 8:30am on a Sunday, so I don’t imagine that happens at any other time of the day/week. As we were walking out some guy was telling the hostess “We’re ready” and Dog The Bounty Hunter walked in behind him. I could have touched him. But I just pulled a surprised/confused face instead. Husband said I should have shouted at him something about “getting right with God”. Heh. That would have been entertaining…for me.

That evening I arranged to meet a Brooklyn-based friend for dinner. She wanted to come into the city so we went to the Washington Square/Greenwich Village area for John’s Pizzeria. It’s a very cute diner-type place and the pizza was, of course, delicious NYC, brick oven pizza.

The next morning I actually had a meeting on the NYU campus (same area), so my co-worker and I stopped in at Caffe Reggio (MacDougal and 3rd St) for brunch afterwards. This place is awesome!! They opened in 1927 and still have a lot of the original fixtures. Very pretty. I only had tea, but the crockery is so cute. I wanted to buy it.

Then on Monday evening Brooklyn Friend wanted to take me out to dinner again. So I met her after she finished work and we went up to the Upper West Side to Cafe Lalo. Which unbeknownst to me and my beginners knowledge of NYC’s food locations, is known for desserts, and being in You’ve Got Mail. Awww yeah, be jealous! As soon as we walked up the street I knew which part of the movie it was from.

Their dessert case is epic. I’m a dessert person. I just am. I’ve only recently embraced this. I eyed their giant cupcakes, but in the end went with strawberry tiramisu. So. Good. Oh. Mahgawd. I thought it was like strawberry mousse layered with lady-fingers and some sort of sweet and fruity syrup. Some of the lady-fingers were just soaked in this syrup and I nearly died from the awesome. Tiramisu is basically the only dessert my husband likes, so I felt I needed to try the strawberry version. You know, for science. I ate it all up and I am not ashamed!

So the last day was pretty tame, but I had to go home with a box of these…

Macarons! Well…slightly melted macarons. It was really hot Tuesday afternoon. I put them in the fridge and the baker said to take them out 20 mins before serving but I like them cold. The flavours are; mango, mixed berry coconut, coffee, Tahitian vanilla, and pistachio. I had the mango one with lunch today. I thought it was good but I would have liked a liiiiittle bit more mango flavour. It seemed a little muted. Ha! Listen to me talking like I know stuff. The good thing about these is that they are ALL MINE!!! OM NOM NOMS!

As you can see these were from La Maison Du Macaron on 23rd St (between 5th & 6th if I remember correctly). I was also in NYC for a weekend last year and went home with two macarons from Bouchon (vanilla and caramel). They were really good, and also slightly bigger than these. La Maison’s are about the size of a 50 cent/pence piece, but Bouchon’s are about 2 inches in diameter.


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