Me-Made-May 2012: Week Two

What I wore this second week…

May 6:

Husband helped me with the photoshoot for my SW Mother’s day outfit (Simplicity 2211 and 2245). We went uptown to take pictures at an office in an old house that I knew to be empty. Some people driving by stared at us, and one person honked. Yes, really. Mostly I was just standing or sitting, so there was nothing to honk at (this was just a humorous outtake of me fixing my hair). But they did. After the shoot I had to help husband with a work thing, so I put jeans on instead of the shorts, and put on a cardi from H&M. After the work thing we randomly decided to go to dinner at this artisan pizza place near his office. It was awesome. And I managed to keep my white top pristine through all of that!! Very unlike me.

May 7:

Back to work. I woke up really late this morning, thus didn’t get to properly think of an outfit and ended up settling for the green Simplicity 2211 that is now officially one year old and the first thing I ever made from a pattern! I wore it with black pants from H&M, and my trusty 4 year old, grey H&M cardi. Black, white, grey, green is my pallet of choice. Deal with it!!! I went to work, got stuff done, drove home, cooked dinner (spaghetti), and sewed for a short while.

May 8:

Third Simplicity 2211 in a row (this one from the Art Challenge), with pinstripe pants from H&M circa 2007, and black cardi from Target. Typical work day except that toward the end of the day I had to go to one of our storage units to get a replacement piece for one of our temporary exhibits. I maintain these indoor storage buildings would be the perfect place for a horror movie. I get scared everytime I have to go, no matter how many people I’m with. Going alone was the worst!! Endless corridors, unfamiliar noises, dimly lit. ACK! I made sure the husband and co-workers knew I was there in case I disappeared.

May 9:
Bah. I don’t have a pic for this day. I wore my black/white dot chiffon Simplicity 2211 top but felt frumpy all day. Nothing eventful happened. It was just one of those days when I feel “off”. I’ll probably have more days like this. I’m fine with committing to the wearing-of-the-mm-clothes part, but the taking-of-the-picture part wears me out!!

May 10:

Wore my green stripe IKEA skirt for the first time since the SW photoshoot. It hasn’t really been warm enough but I needed to dress up a bit for work so I thought it would be ok. Paired it with a white button down from American Eagle, and the ever present grey H&M cardi. Several other ladies at work were wearing grey cardis today. But there’s like, an 80% chance on any given day that I’ll be wearing one. Not a typical work day but work nonetheless. Ran errands afterwards.

May 11:
Another work day. Again forgot to take a pic of my outfit. My MM item was a the blue version of the Lisette for Simplicity 2211 top. Basically I wore exactly this outfit from OWOP.

May 12:

Went over to my parents’ house for a Mother’s Day BBQ. Wore my latest incarnation of Simplicity 2211 (surely I’m done with this pattern now?!?!) with jeans and the blue cardi from Target again. In the picture L-R is husband, me, mom, middle brother, and dad. You may recognize brother and dad from the Stegosaurus outfit family pic. Older brother is overseas on vacation.

I don’t know if I’m going to keep up these re-cap posts. I’ll continue to try to wear one MM thing a day but not getting photos of my outfits, and the pressure of having to make my outfits photo-ready is getting to me. I’m sinking into a little bit of Sew Weekly fatigue and I have to travel for work next week so I’m even more stressed than usual. I’m going to focus on getting my SW garments done and not worry about MMM so much.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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2 Responses to Me-Made-May 2012: Week Two

  1. I’m impressed you’ve done as many pics as you have already. Don’t do so many especially if they stress you out. :o)

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