I’m a Liebster!

Karissa from Kitty Kitty Crafts has presented me with the Liebster Award! We both did Rae’s “Spring Top Sew Along”.

If you’re not in-the-know, the Liebster Award is given to blogs with fewer than 200 followers to help spread the word about them and get more followers. I actually have never checked my subscribers stats, relying on my “visits” stats from WordPress. The most I’ve had in one day is, funnily enough, 199. Checking my subscribers stats, it looks like I have 13 via Google Reader (not including myself*) and 33 through WordPress. A more Type-A person would be disappointed, but notoriety is a little scary to me!

So, thank you, Karissa! I’ve been following you through Reader but hadn’t updated my “Links You May Like” here so you’re now on there too!

To pass this along, I want to first recommend that you take a peek at my “Links You May Like” list. I follow these like it’s my job. Second, I want to give some shout-outs to five blogs that (to my knowledge) have not been awarded Liebster before, are under 200 followers according to Google Reader, and are also my fellow 2012 contributing sewists at The Sew Weekly.

Alphabetical by blog title…
Tempest of Fanbloomintastic
Kazz of Kazz The Spazz
Loran at Retro Deco Settings
Nettie at Sown Brooklyn
Najah of Wannabe Sewing Something

How do these ladies not have 1,000 followers each?!

*The hubs noticed the other day that I subscribe to my own blog on Reader and thought it was weird. Is it? I’m a Reader addict so I like to see how well my posts format, and it gives me a second chance to check for typos and what-not.


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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One Response to I’m a Liebster!

  1. Karissa says:

    Oh hey, no problem! I finally updated my “crafty links” on my blog and added you as well! I do all of my blog reading through Google Reader, and follow myself there, too! Nothing like double-checking, you know? ;)

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