Sewing Projects 10: The “Peggy Fan Club” Dress

Originally written for, and posted at, The Sew Weekly. Theme: Mad Men
The Facts
Fabric: Navy worsted wool twill suiting $6
Pattern: Simplicity 6933
Year: 1966
Notions: 16″ zipper $2
Time to complete: ~8 hours (8 episodes of Mad Men – of course)
First worn: To the library on St. Patrick’s Day for pictures
Wear again? Indeed!
Total price: $8

I can’t remember exactly where or when I first saw this vintage pattern but I have sort of obsessed over it a little. To make a long story short I now own it in three different sizes! I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway or contribute to a sewing swap so now I actually have something to give! I’ll keep the one in my size but I really have no need for the others. I’m still figuring out the details, any pointers would be appreciated.

Let’s face it, I’m still obsessed with this pattern. My life mission is to find kelly green suiting or wool (under $20/yard), just like the envelope drawing. I just last week found out about Fashion Fabrics Club and a few greens there have tempted me. For now I’m settling for navy. But it’s not the same and it knows that. I also purchased enough of this navy wool to make the matching coat – it’s just going to take longer.

Originally I thought because it was a vintage pattern it would mean it was incredibly complicated. But what a pleasant surprise when it turned out to be so easy – granted now that I pay more attention there are a lot of simple, but very chic, styles from the 60s.

The hubs and I decided at the beginning of February that we really needed to start watching MM, as it had been in our Netflix queue for months and months. Of course we got hooked immediately and I want to make so many more MM inspired outfits! I don’t know which lady of MM would wear this. Because it’s a bit plain, probably just one of the switchboard girls or random secretary (did you know Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials was one of the switchboard girls in season 1? I recognized her voice before her face!)

On a different note. This is my 10th project in a row for Sew Weekly!! I only missed one challenge so far so I’m 11/12 in actual posts (including the first one that was showing something you made in 2011). I was not going to participate this much and I’m obsessing over keeping up the pace.

Zombie sewist mantra: Braaaiinssss Must. Keep. Sewing.


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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