Sewing Projects 7: The “It Was A Dress, Right?” Top

This is my 50th blog post! Huzzah!

Originally written for, and posted at, The Sew Weekly. Theme: Refashion
The Facts
Fabric: Possibly-not-organic cotton sack dress from H&M, on sale for $10
Pattern: None
Year: 2009?
Notions: Nothing but thread
Time to complete: ~3 hours (6 episodes of Party Down)
First worn: To work, last Tuesday
Wear again? Yes indeed
Total price: $10 as a dress, $0 as a top

My refashion is admittedly tame. I just don’t have that many things to re-do, nor a great imagination for refashioning. I used to be an H&M addict, but since learning to sew I’ve really kicked the habit. I stick to just shoes and under garments now. Anyway, I bought this dress on sale in 2009 (I think) and I’ve probably worn it a dozen times (including our engagement photos in July 2010, now that I think about it), but I was always self conscious about the length so I stopped wearing it.

I thought I could easily refashion this into a top instead. I had to unpick the pockets to keep enough of the length. I’m left wondering now if this was supposed to be a tunic and I was thick enough to think it was a dress all this time…but it would be a looonng tunic…right? This person describes it as a dress (second pic), but says she wore it as a tunic. Hmmm…H&M are sort of notorious for too-short dresses, right?

This was my first try at petal sleeves. I used the drafting tutorial from the blog My Sparkle, which I found on Pinterest sometime ago. Mine definitely look backwards. But I’m keeping them because the fabric will fall apart if I unpick it one more time…and also I wear cardigans over everything so no one will know!


About EBS

Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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