The Perils of Buying Fabric Online: Or Why I Should Learn Fabric Vocab.

So as many sewers were aware, recently held their super Christmas sale over the course of 12 days. Basically everything in their stock was on sale at some point.

I purchased some jersey from them over the summer (that grey striped stuff I made into a t-shirt). I had a hell of a time trying to find anything similar in my local fabric shops so this site was a godsend for me.

Similarly, I’ve been searching for the perfect wool to make the vintage dress and coat pattern. I really wanted to go with a kelly green but I haven’t had any luck and I figured that was because it was too weird of a color request. So I decided to also start looking for a navy or royal blue wool thinking that would be a more common color. I’ve been looking through’s inventory of wools for a while debating about whether to pull the trigger or not. With their Christmas sale in full swing, how could I not?

I bought five yards of Worsted Wool Blend Suiting Twill in Navy thinking it would be nearly perfect (it’s dry clean only, boo). I also purchased some large zippers for the couch recovering project, and some gorgeous clip-dot chiffon in black (for one of many blouses I have planned). It all arrived Friday to my enormous delight…until I opened the package…and my much sought-after wool was so…THIN!

This isn’t what I pictured at all! Where was the lovely thick fuzzy woven wool I was expecting?! And then I realized…I had no idea what ‘Worsted‘ or ‘Twill‘ meant when I happily click-clicked and purchased.

Now, has a VERY GENEROUS 100% satisfaction, no-questions-asked, 30-day return policy. For a brief minute just now I considered returning the disappointing wool but I’ve decided against it. I’m a novice sewer, I’m still figuring out my capabilities, and this wool was so. freaking. cheap. I can’t bear to part with it! I’m already thinking of the 2-3 garments I can squeeze out of the yardage (women’s suit? pants? another McCall’s 5972??) I have a very meager “stash” of fabric compared to…basically every other sewer I know, so this is water off my back now. However, the search continues.

So, lesson learned. If you’re going to buy fabric online make sure you know what the words describing it mean. And if you don’t know, ask! (I have a very bad habit of not asking questions of people I don’t know.)


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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