Reading Mission Accomplished!

As of Sunday – when I finished the book – I have achieved my goal of reading at least half of the books on my To Be Read list.

The book that put me over the edge was Stephen Fry’s The Stars’ Tennis Balls (aka Revenge). I thought I would mark the occasion by posting my full review here.

Having been a fan of Mr Fry for some years I purchased (or BookMooched, I can’t remember) this book because I had read most of his other works and thoroughly enjoyed them. Fry is really a master of the English language and everything he writes is beautiful. Unlike his other works this book falls into the tragedy genre. As a modern retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo, he takes small liberties with the original plot but somehow made me believe every bit was plausible.

I’ve never read Dumas’s original tale so I didn’t know what all was coming as I read. Some of the revenge scenarios are pretty gruesome and I believe the reader is meant to question the brutality of this revenge and its overall necessity.

Overall, the story was engaging and had good pacing, but the subject may leave you a bit anxious or depressed.


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Museum curator, nerd, chronic watcher of TV show marathons, married to a soccer hooligan, vegetarian, obsessive sewer.
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