Object 2: Sydney Opera House Lamp

Sydney Opera House Lamp DESCRIPTION
Green plastic lamp in the shape of part of the Sydney Opera House. The lamp more closely resembles the logo of the Opera House rather than the building itself.

This lamp was purchased by myself at the Opera House gift shop on Circular Quay – not the smaller gift shop inside of the Opera House. The lamp shade itself was manufactured out of #5 polypropylene plastic in Australia and I understand it was designed by Zita Watkin. The original cord and light bulb socket were made in Australia out of plastic, and various metals in order to use an electric current to power the light bulb – which was not included in the original purchase.

This object is representative of modern home design and souvenirs of travel.
Sydney Opera House Lamp
On the whole, this object was semi-mass produced so it has medium rarity. Within my personal collection it is extremely rare as a lamp of this type but not as a souvenir.

The object is complete in that all parts are intact and the packaging is still available.

*INTERPRETIVE POTENTIAL has not been included in these studies because it refers to the interpretive value in the context of the collection/institution…which is me…and is based on the above research.


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