Book 3: The Late, Lamented Molly Marx

The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow

The Late, Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow

I read Alice Sebold’s The Lovely Bones a few years ago when it was first becoming popular – before it was made into a movie. I loved that book because it was wholly unlike anything I had ever read before. This book didn’t have that luxury because it is basically the same thing, only for a grown up woman, not a teenage girl. I’m sure some women (that’s who I guess this book is aimed at) would love this book for its complicated relationships and self determined narrator. I, however, grow tired of reading about infidelity in marriages and arrogant people who are constantly competing with everyone they meet. It’s not my life – or my fantasy life – so it just puts me off.

I did like the ending when – spoiler alert – she starts meeting those she left behind, in “the Duration” (aka Limbo?). Being able to realize life went on successfully and that she’s still missed was very touching. It was a very nice wrap-up sort of ending that leaves you with an overall positive impression of the book, even if you were cursing it left, right and center four chapters earlier.

Bottom Line: Aww, tear – (ok, so I couldn’t find a clip of the scene from Clueless when Brittany Murphy says “Aww, tear” to Cher, so enjoy this instead).


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