Book(s) 1: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour - Brian Lee O'Malley

The Scott Pilgrim series – Brian Lee O’Malley

If you know me, you know I loved the movie. I couldn’t wait to read the graphic novels. Technically I only read #6 in the New Year, but I’m lumping them all into this review because they are best enjoyed as a whole story.

BLM is a great artist. His dialogue is sometimes strained or awkward but it’s quickly forgiven. I loved a lot of the back-story for the secondary characters that you didn’t get to see much of in the film. I have to admit I was at times impatient to complete each installment and felt the plot dragged occasionally, but I know that was mostly my own feeling because I knew the film better – a sort of parallel universe version, if you will.

I wish I could write a better review about the books themselves but in my mind I can’t separate the cannon story from the film because I hearted it so much! I highly recommend these to anyone who feels the same.

Bottom Line: YE-AH!


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