The “Preparing for the SHB” Makes

P1090023 copy
Fabric: Navy ponte knit $8
Pattern: Self-drafted
Notions: bias scraps for shoulders $0
Time to complete: About 2-3 hours
First worn: To work
Wear again? Yep!
Total price: ~$8
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Pantone (3rd Month of the Year) Madness

There’s a design blog pitting all of Pantone’s Colors of the Year against each other to find the winner (à la March Madness basketball brackets). They’ve done four match-ups but they’re still on the first round so there’s still time to participate.
It must be how they’ve set up the seeds that I’ve noticed a significant pattern and bias for choosing Color of the Year. Notice how many blue-greens are seeded against a warm pink/red? Blue Iris, Mimosa and Sand Dollar suddenly stand out as being the only variations from this norm.
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The “Nesting” Dress

P1080991 size
Fabric: Green knit from stash, polka dot knit from Jackman Fabrics $8?
Pattern: Self-drafted
Notions: Elastic for the waist and shoulders $2
Time to complete: A slow-poke around 5-6 hours.
First worn: To work Wednesday
Wear again? Yeah
Total price: $10?
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The “Make Room for the Bump” Shirts

P1080955 copy
Fabric: Green spots cotton from stash
Pattern: None
Notions: None
Time to complete: Less than 2 hours
First worn: To work this week
Wear again? Yup
Total price: ~$0
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Year in Review 2014

Soooo I sort of dropped off the face of the blog Earth last year. I did sew a little but not nearly as much as years previous. I also didn’t purchase a lot of fabric! I bought three things for my birthday, and three double knits that were on sale. And I’ve used all but one of those six fabrics so far!

Here are some things that didn’t make it to the blog this year (most of which weren’t even on my Instagram) These are “quick and dirty” pictures that I took in rapid succession this morning, so hair/face/pose is a little wonky at times.
P1080939 copy size
P1080764 copyFabric: Navy chiffon with white dots $11, opaque navy chiffon under layer $8 on clearance?
Pattern: Great British Sewing Bee Tunic
Year: 2013
Notions: Bias tape for edge finishing
Time to complete: Something like 8 hours
First worn: To a wedding in August
Wear again? Need to fix a bit of the neckline, but yes
Total price: ~$19
Wore this with gold heels and the gold belt seen here to my cousin’s summer wedding. I must have forgotten or blocked out how difficult it was to work with two slippery layers. I literally have no memory of making this dress.
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Patone Color of 2015

Well, it was just announced! Pantone’s Color of 2015 is…
pantone 2015

Not a fan personally. I just don’t think of it as a year-round shade. Also reads a little…old? Is that it? Maybe I’m not seeing it with the right things.

Anyway, Vicki from Another Sewing Scientist was correct! I should really give out prizes…but alas all you get is my adoration, and bragging rights for a year.

Anyone have this color in your stash? Or sewn with it before?

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Pantone Color of 2015 – Wild Speculation

Well summer got completely away from me blogging-wise. I sewed quite a bit actually, but didn’t document a single thing here! I’m even making progress on finishing up the styling of my sewing room. Need to put up the wallpaper, contact paper the shelves, and finish painting 1/2 the trim and then put all the stuff back in! So…progress!

Anyway, since NY Fashion Week is over we’ve been graced with the Pantone Spring 2015 color palette!
I’ll reserve comment on how similar it looks to Spring 2014…

So anyway, this means that the Color of The Year is hidden in there somewhere. Here are the past 15 years’ worth…
pantone coty sq
(Yes, apparently they’ve been doing this that long.)

I have a feeling it’s either Classic Blue or Marsala. Both of those are in both the Women’s and Men’s palettes (along with Toasted Almond and Glacier Grey which I’m sure they consider too boring to be CotY.) We won’t know until December, but care to make a guess?

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