Film: An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember
An Affair to Remember (1957)

Two fashionable Americans meet onboard a ship sailing from Europe to New York in 1957. They are both engaged to be married and their fiancés are waiting for their arrival in America. Cary Grant’s Nickie Ferrante is a painter and bit of a socialite and has women at every port apparently. Deborah Kerr’s Terry McKay resists his temptations and this only makes him want her more. They flirt and spend time together for the rest of the voyage home and before they disembark Terry tells Nickie to meet her in six months at the top of the Empire State Building. If they’re both there, and both single, they’ll do something about it.

The day they are to meet again tragedy befalls Terry and Nickie is left wondering what has happened to her. After a while they see each other at the theatre one night (both with their ex-fiancés). Nickie finds Terry in the phone book and pays her a visit. He’s noticeably agitated by seeing her and not getting an explanation for being abandoned – she obviously isn’t married. He starts to leave and tells her about a painting he made of her and didn’t want to sell until one day a poor woman came in and his agent felt moved to give it to her for free. He then begins to realize why she did not meet him and breaks down. She assures him she will get better and I guess they live happily ever after?

Style Points:
An Affair to Remember
an affair to remember
An affair to remember

Famous Quotes:
“Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories…We’ve already missed the spring! “

“Marriage is something to rush to?”

“All I could say was, ‘Hello’.”

“There must be something between us, even if it’s only an ocean.”

Bottom Line: Hot for 1957 standards!

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